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Report of armed robbery at Casey's was fake, police say

I heard that it wasn't a false report.... I heard that it was actually the Basehor Casey's and law enforcement were sent to the wrong location. Could be wrong, that is just what I heard.

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City of Tonganoxie cites West Haven Baptist Church's new sign for code violation

Personally, I liked the old sign.... I loved the little sayings. If you are driving the speed limit, you cannot read what all the electronic sign is trying to "say"..... just personal opinion though!

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Tonganoxie City Council votes not to extend city administrator's contract

I also disagree with the city council decision! Mike is a forward "thinker" and the people that want him out are the ones who want Tonganoxie to just be a sleepy ole town (or they just want to shake things up). He was the person who helped lead the charge for a new pool for our citizens and their kids (what a great place to keep the kids busy IN OUR TOWN). He has worked with LCDC to try to bring large business to the city and southern part of the county. Whomever hires Mike after this will definitely get an A+ guy and will be lucky to have him on their team. Good luck Mike on your future endeavors!

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Leavenworth County warning sirens used correctly, official says

I would rather have sirens go off for long periods of time, than not to go off at all! Thank you Chuck!!!!!! Better to be safe than sorry :)

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Department of Revenue closes Tonganoxie business because of unpaid sales taxes

It is sad to see that a local, long time business is going through this, BUT as it has been stated, when a person pays the sales tax, that money should be put aside to pay the government. It would be like a customer saying to a business, "I'm sorry, I can't pay the sales tax right now because I have other places where that money can be spent"... you would never be able to leave the store with your purchase or have the service done. When you run a business, it is known that you have to pay sales tax (it isn't a secret). Even though you want to show compassion, which they might have done, you can't get behind on payments to the government because YOU lose in the end....

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Tonganoxie business served warrant on back taxes

I do not believe that it was the city's fault. Sales tax is raised to give the residents new things to keep them here in town (for example, the pool). When you or I go into a place of business and pay for items, we pay the sales tax. That money needs to be set aside and paid to the IRS.... the owner of a store is not to keep that money and use it for "fun stuff" until all bills are paid. Every store pays a lesser price for items and then sells it for a higher price.... the difference between those two costs pays for employees, utilities, upkeep, etc..... sales tax monies are not to be used for those things HOPING that "something " will come through when the sales tax is due. Businesses need to pay attention to their business plan and their budgets..... Not paying your sales tax to the IRS is NO ONE'S fault besides the store owner ---- and some fault of those who do not take advantage of their city's grocery store or other stores!!!

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Bill regulating medical gas systems passes House, moves on to Senate

This is great! I hope that it passes through quickly so that no one else has to go through what Austin and his family have endured!

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CR1 progressing faster than anticipated

From someone who lives right off of CR1, this is wonderful! I cannot wait to use this road regularly and for the full interchange off/on ramps to be open in November... great job everyone!!

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