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City administrator search firm hired

If I remember.. That is what the city council did when they hired this Administrator. I would soon have them spend the tax money then to let the hillbilly's that we have on the city council now pick a new administrator. That is why we have the problem that we have now. If they "City council" picks the new administrator, We will have some kind of person filling that position that wears Overalls and chews tobacco and spits claiming he went to wood school or maybe someone that will go postal on the city... just like a few of them that is on the council now. NO THANKS

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City sewer rates hiked 5 percent

Bah Bah Bah.. The city is going to raise something or better yet everything property tax and water rate and sewer rates and franchise tax, sale tax what ever they can. It is getting to point were people can not afford to live in this town. Oh Yes.....We are so Thankful .

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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

I bet you were a Bully "Old_Vet." back in the 49-51 years. Today's times people will not put up with it. Like I said the school need to get a grip on this behavior before it get more out of hand. Parents don't go to the other parents.. that has a Bully for a child because like you say 'apple don't fall far from the tree'. Parents want to send thier kids to school so they can get a good education not to have to worry about thier kids being Bullied by others. My guess your grand kids.

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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

I not saying what this man did was handled right, but this school better get a handle on this "Bullying" stuff. The young kids can't take it and now it looks like the parents can't take it either. Bullying is something you can not sweep under the Rug!! Get a Grip on this THS. Before we have to pay out again.

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Tonganoxie fire leaves firefighter, family temporarily without home

Oh... I did not like the comment about "Adam being a part of us, we'll be helping him "McCutchen said" What??? They will only help if your a part of the them "The Fire Department"? That statement sounds like you better hope your house don't catch on fire.. especially if your not part of the Fire Department or anyone that works for the city. I would hope that the Fire Department would step up and help any family from Tonganoxie if they could. Especially if a family is put out of their home because of a fire. I look at it this way, We the people of Tonganoxie are the ones that pay Big for that Fire Department and the ones that work there. The Tax payers are the ones that make it possible so that the "Fire Department" can fill like they are one Big Happy Family!

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CR1 park funding options suggested

Old-Vet " I thought this new crop of council members was supposed to be a little more conservative and less spend happy" That's a JOKE Right? Did you really Believe that? HAHA We are talking about Tonganoxie hillbilly's that count with their fingers and toes to add anything up!!

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CR1 park funding options suggested

Can't afford SAFTY! Tell that to a family member when a loved one is killed on 24-40! But the City can afford $2,500 (on top of $5,000) to give to the Chamber of Commerce that has no benefits to the city and does nothing to promote the city? Live within our means? Peak, Is throwing away $7,500 to Chamber of Commerce your version of living within our means?

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Mayor warns of time crunch to replace city administrator

Bixby is heading the citywide cleanup? That's a Big joke. This guy needs to clean his own place up first! It looks like a dump! And the council members dump is pouring over into the ally. Are the big trailers sitting around, do they have tags? All the weeds around his house. Making neighborhood look like the ghettos.

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Church's sign to remain pending appeal

dj8cd1 your are correct. I feel the church's here in town need to put their focus on helping people and spending thier money on the needy not a sign. But Tongie is FULL of Hypocrites.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Maybe you and your son should be playing volleyball.

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