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THS boys' season ends with semifinal loss to Piper

I'm not a parent of any player, just a fan who attends most of the games. I'm not even related to anyone on the team or coaching staff, so there's nothing for me to be jealous about. I'm proud of all the players and their efforts, as I said. It's a good team with good young men who all work hard the entire year on this game. I just wish the coaching during clutch times was a little better than what THS typically gets.

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THS boys' season ends with semifinal loss to Piper

When the top scorers and ball handlers get subbed-out and replaced with more mediocre players for long periods of time, and then the lead is lost, what does the coach expect will happen? The substitutions and player rotation all season had everybody shaking their heads. Good season, boys! We're proud of you!

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County commission OKs shooting range near Tonganoxie

Very disappointed that this was passed unanimously. We’ll be sure to invite the BOCC to come out and enjoy the nuisance when rounds are being fired off constantly. Do any of the commissioners live near this area? Nope, so they stick it in the southern part of the county, far away from their own homes (not in their backyards). It seems it was a “done deal” long before the vote yesterday. A number of property owners contacted the BOCC and were opposed to this, and they represented many more numbers than that. But the board ignored their concerns anyway. Shameful.

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