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High-speed chase goes through downtown Tonganoxie

There is a great idea. I noticed that guy is not wearing his seatbelt, so I better better pull him over so I can remind him of his safety. Uh oh, now he is fleeing so I better chase him at double or tripple the speeds through residential neighborhoods so everyone can be safe. WOW

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Tonganoxie council member, former administrator facing off in Leavenworth County Commission race

Pathetic and sad, but entertaining. Fiscal conservative.....liberal....Democrat ............blah.....blah....blah....I know it's you Bill, I know it's you Dennis......No, it's Mike..............Have any of these guys had a steady job? What do they specialize in? I was especially entertained regarding the fiscal conservative Obama stuff. We are talking about running for County Commissioner for crying outloud. Keep it going guys. This is awesome.

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Another building offered for police station

Councilman Bill Bixby said in making the motion to set a cut-off date for consideration of new site proposals. I thought his name was Dennis. Isn't Bill Bixby the guy who turns into the incredible hulk. Dennis is about the same size, but not as fit.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: School bond issue soundly defeated; Peak, Bixby elected to council; Becker to join school board

Bottom line..the "vote no" committiee worked harder than the "vote yes" committee. It's a shame, but I have confidence a bond will pass at a later date. The reason we vote is to allow a majority of people to express what they want for their community and the system worked. Challenge is good and hopefully a more thought out plan with specific expenditures will be outlined. The shame of all this is the teachers and staff who dilligently work hard and wonder if their jobs will be eliminated because of a shortfall of money. I do agree with one poster that its difficult to watch a 26 percent turnout.

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Candidate event planned for March 24 at VFW Post

Tongie residents. Please take the time to investigate each and every candidate. These are the people we will choose to make financial decisions for our community. If there are candidates who's personal financial health,( ie. forclosures, tax debts, etc) are in question, we have to question if these are the best candidates who can make responsible fiscal decisions for our community.

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