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Middle school principal settling in to new post

@cupcake - spot on comment. A change in leadership at the middle school has been a long time coming. Moral should improve all around. Hopefully, the middle school will once again become a great place to be for everyone. @suggestionbox - first, "moved on to better things" suggests you don't consider Tongie to be one of the "better" places. Second, prior to the arrival of Jilll, the middle school was a great place to be for everyone. It was an environment where everyone was treated fairly and with respect. In the years since, it became a tense place and the moral of students, parents, and staff plummeted. The improvements you have seen over the years are the result of the hard work of the staff. ALL of the staff. Finally, this educated family will not miss the atmosphere of condescension and intimidation created by the previous administration.

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Board approves fee increases

Parents are already paying high taxes for our schools now we have to pay even more in fees? And how can they even think about hiring another administrator when they aren't even replacing some teachers who leave? Custodians and secretaries are being fired too. We need to let our school board members know that this just isn't right!

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