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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

I do not feel as if what I said was in any way an exaggeration. The playground has standing water in several areas after a rain everytime. This in turn causes kiddos to slip and fall.

Also, wasn't trying to say that building a new school is the only way to go. I was only making a point to those that feel that it isn't the school that matters, but the people inside. I bet that at least once a week one set of bathrooms is closed due to a plumbing issue.

As hurricane pointed out, brown recluse spiders need to be trapped, which is more difficult when you have students all over the floors as well.

I also didn't say the power was out "all the time." There have been power issues, that is all I said. The 3rd grade hallway is always cold, a 2nd grade classroom was without air conditioning for 2 days at the end of the year and had an 85* classroom. The other issues come from the fact that the windows are all old and need replacing, if we would continue using the current building. There is a cold air draft (in winter) that you can actually see move small pieces of paper in several classrooms that comes from the windows. This of course is going to drive up the cost of heating/air conditioning in the building. Doesn't seem so cost effective.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

I have a very big issue with the current elementary school continuing to be used for K-2. If you would really like to see the conditions that students AND teachers work in everyday, come up to the school in August. They deal with classes in the hallways, spiders that cause students to be out of classrooms all day, electricity going off all day, bathrooms being shut down for hours at a time due to plumbing issues, a playground that floods all the time, lunch times that start at 10:30, meetings that take place in the teacher breakroom which doesn't allow for teachers to get up to the book room to get books, and soooo much more. The classrooms that have the cold wind coming in and the heating and cooling systems that don't work half the time. I understand that the building is not as important as the teachers and students that are in the school, but it sure would make it easier for teachers to do their jobs if they had a newer school to do it in. Go volunteer at the school for a day or two before you say that the elementary school "seems just fine." I did...

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