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Minutes from May 14 city council meeting

My message concerning the police station was left out of minutes. We can purchase the Quisenberry building that is now being used for $500,000 less than the proposed building. The department stays downtown, a professional looking building can can be modified with interview rooms, and it saves the community a half a million in extra bonding and taxes. I certainly understand the police desire for more space and this building fulfills the requirements with the added benefit of lower cost.

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100 AND COUNTING: Tonganoxie City Hall hits century mark

I would encourage everyone to look at the old "Mirrors" on microfilm at the library. I read the entire year of 1912 and it is quite a perspective of what was going on. I am still looking for any information on Mal Merrihugh who lived in Tonganoxie and was the double for Cary Grant in many of his movies. He died in the 1980's. Don Himpel mentioned that he had met him at a high school reunion in the 70's. Thanks.
Bill Peak

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Remembering Bo

Bo was the best neighbor anyone could of asked for. I had great visits with him over the last eight years and learned plenty of Tonganoxie history. I always found him optimistic, friendly and a true gentleman. I will miss his smile and the wave I received as he drove into his drive everyday from work. A good person. The best epitaph we could all wish for.

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Tonganoxie USD 464 school board agenda for April 9, 2012

Would hope the Board would check policy on why Kindergarten children are selling items for schools. Seems ridiculous to me. Thanks.

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Local softball doubleheaders rained out

Did Elle's get robbed? Story is all over town. Rumor or fact?

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Opinion: Cautious spending

No comments on this?

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THS senior Gergick signs with St. Mary

Where is the letter from Tom Putthoff?????????????

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Other Tonganoxie convenience stores add services, tweak hours

Nice story but I can't believe that a four hour meeting of the City council is relegated to one short column in lat week's paper. Possible large mill increase and other issues that were not covered! An informed public is essential to our form of government. Thanks.

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Tonganoxie City Hall void filled

Excellent point. The process should be done. I can't say it was intentionally drug out but it sure feels like it. A new person could of been in place a few months ago and the present situation would be stable. The "hired" firm says within four months. Glad to see this point made as many people agree!

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CR1 park funding options suggested

i completely agree about living within our means. I wish more people would attend the meetings to hear everything that is said. Would like to clarify some items. Mr. Donnelly to his credit has asked that all financing options be put out for public diclosure to get feedback from the public. I agree with that philosophy of disclosure. The park is a gamble but a way to increase tax base for the future. The discussion continues on whether to continue or walk away. The dicussion of the traffic light centered on the city being able to afford the costs associated with that project. I argued that we can't afford. The fire station expansion would be funded by 200k allocated from previous budget with up to 50k from this budget. It takes care of their need and is considerably cheaper than the previous plan. With public safety issues(police station) I am determined to be prudent in holding costs down but am convinced we need a different station. I appreciate any input from citizens(I do receive many comments and calls from people) and would hope you weigh in after checking the facts and determing what you think about any issue. Come to the meetings. Thanks.

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