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Troyer to be hired as THS football coach

After reading the press release regarding Mr. Troyer's proposed hiring, I found it
interesting that it never mentioned what he would be teaching. Also discussed
were various accomplishments of alumni at Lake Highlands High in Texas.
What was not included, if he had been the head foootball coach during
any of those years in Texas. Also not making the press release was the
fact that during his head coaching tenure at Larned, 2008-2011, the team
was 2-34.

If this is the result of an "exhaustive search" which included "interviewing 21
applicants" I would be interested in seeing the other resumes.

Mr. Carlisle indicated we were hiring "a faith based man." (Remember Jamie
there is still a separation of church and state in public schools in Kansas even
in football.) Although this may work in the Chieftains favor...start praying you
win more games than Larned did last year.

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McLouth Happenings

Aside from the last paragraph regarding American Legion and a reminder to reset
my clock, this is a Republican political ad. I am looking for McLouth events
when I read this column. If I wanted to know how to vote in a Republican Caucus,
I would contact the GOP.

I feel confident there is something newsworthy in McLouth. We have "happenings"
going on at the public library, all the churches, schools, businesses, city government
and many organizations around town. All of which are open to the general public.

This is not a forum for Ms. Muzzy to advance her specific political or religious views,
which seems to be the case most weeks.

McLouth has more to offer than what people are seeing in her column.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

The players that showed up this morning are children. They are worried about the
season...they only get four years to play a game they love. Mark Elston has had
many, many seasons. Enough is enough. Children do not always know what is
best for them in the big picture, most times they only think in the here and now and
how does this impact me personally. It's time for the adults (parents, administration,
school board and other coaches) to do what is in the best interests of these
student-athletes and finally take a stand. The idea of not dealing with this situation
now because it would be hard on the rest of the staff is weak at best. Many successful
programs have dealt with similar situations.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Can you say "straw that broke the camel's back?" This has going on for years and years.
If a bystander shopping across a four lane highway noticed there was a problem with
football practice...this must have been a very loud and obvious situation. Parents &
players over the years have not wanted to confirm or complain...fearing a reduction in
playing time or some other form of humiliation.

"What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room" has been the code with
Coach Elston for a long time. He finally showed his true colors in a very public over. Take your football and go home Mark.

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Monday night highlights

All this praise for the freshman and JV sound to me like
Coach Elston's way of hanging on to a job. His performance
the last few years has been dismal at best and embarrassing
at least. Perhaps that varsity head coaching position should
go to one of the coaches of these up and coming
(and winning) younger teams?

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Cuts policy established for THS sports

"No coach likes to have to cut," Parker said. "There is nothing fun about that." What you
would hope a high school coach would express when confronted with the new cut policy.

"We'll probably use's a good tool for us." --Mark Elston, Head Football Coach THS

Mr. Elston's track record as a leader of young men has been publicly called into
question in the recent past. Hazing rituals, and the "what happens in the locker
room stays in the locker room" mentality have no place in a high school sports
environment. While I understand the need for a cut policy at Tonganoxie--
the football coaches may have just been handed the "tool" they need to
keep the wagons circled around the program. A player who deems it neccessary
to go to a parent/counselor/administrator with concerns can just be.....cut.

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What are your thoughts on the current health care debate?

Is Mr. Jones suggesting our government has not been listening to it's citizens? The "people whose voices have
been ignored by their senators and representatives for
years" have obviously been neglected by the previous eight year long administration.

Mr. Jones comment, "the administration's position is that anyone who disagrees with their ideas on how to accomplish it is anti-American or racist" sound vaguely familiar. Following the 2000 & 2004 elections, anyone disagreeing with the Bush doctrine of preemptive war, "enhanced interrogations," the suspension of habeas corpus, deregulation of the financial industry or warrentless
wiretaps and searches was deemed "not patriotic" and "un-

Now Mr. Jones says, "there are genuine differences of opinion of how that reform should be accomplished."
There were differences of opinion then and now, neither
of which is anti-American.

But as Mr. Jones and many other are now finding out....
a shoe on the other foot usually pinches.

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No seatbelt law equals no grant for Kansas

The Kansas House hasn't taken the time to consider a lifesaving bill that could net our
state $11.2 million? Money being given to the 27 other states with these seatbelt laws on the books?

But they have made time to recommend cuts in education spending for every child in the state of Kansas.

Talk about using their time and our money wisely!?

The Kansas Dept. of Transportation is supporting this,
the Kansas Senate passed this bill in February and the Kansas House Committee on Transportation has failed to even consider it.

Contact your state representative and urge, no demand, that action be taken on this matter.

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What types of businesses would you like to see in downtown Tonganoxie as another building, the post office, will stand vacant when the new post office building is finished?

With all the interesting and informed people in Tonganoxie,
it's disappointing that the same three people are the focus
of the "Point of View" feature.

Why not incude new people, similar to "On the Street"
found in the Lawrence Journal World.

Mr. Lynch's response to a question regarding activities for
warmer weather, in the 3/25 issue, was a thinly veiled
plug urging citizens to purchase property from his
real estate company.

I'm sure many other local entrepreneurs would also
like the opportunity for some free advertising.

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