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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Mr. Katblu, reading your statement tells everyone that you know nothing about coaching in high school. You say this is football, so even tho the player has hit the little QB several times and has been told to stop. What you are saying it is ok for this 230 player to hit a QB (probably when he was not looking ) which probably weights 125 soaking wet. The coach was trying to protect this little one and the big one did not care whether he would hurt him or not.........if I was coaching and I had told him several times not to be hitting the QB, and he did........there would not be another problem with because his gear would be taken away............all the things I have read makes me sick.......too bad the administration is not like it was 40 years ago........

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

It appears you need some more school. You do not spell the word complaints like conplaints. Just because some bad words were wager against the player, I wonder what he could sue about. Also his parents thought the right thing was done and he needed to be told. Wonder how many times he told this player to not hit the quarterback, maybe he does not understand unless he is yelled at, have you ever coached? Were you on field when this took place?

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THS players enjoy ‘elephant-I,’ but fall to Jeff West, 41-28

To Jason2007.......I wonder whose way it should be, he is the coach, most people, when you don't win, they want to tell you how bad a job one did coaching........Just hang in their Coach Elston, there are better years.............

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Inductees recognized for efforts

I worked for Mr. Beatty six years as he was the principal of the high school. In my sixteen years of teaching, I do not believe there was a better man to work for and with. He was always a MR. to me.

Also was happy to hear that Phil and Marilyn, they both definitely were a good choice to be in the Tonganoxie Hall of Fame. I worked with Phil four years at the High School and he was a great person to work with during the time I was there.

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So long, Coach J

Congratulations Phil on retiring, sounds you have had a wonderful life with the young kids, not sure you will remember, but I remember you playing baseball at Tonganoxie during the summers, you were a great kid then and it sounds like you grew into a great man.......I also remember talking with your father many times, he was a great man.......best for the future........Wayne Seymour

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Invitational celebrates 50 years

It was a great tournament and it got better has the years went by. It went from 4-teams to 8-teams with all teams playing three games. Not many around the area did that. The community was a great backer and it started having snacks for the players, coaches, officials, in one of the rooms. I can remember Bill Seymour giving a lot of food for that each year. Guess I should try to get back and watch one.

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