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All for '1" in Tonganoxie High making music history

Congratulations to the Band & Chorus! What a Great Accomplishment. I was in High School Band & Chorus almost 50 years ago at THS and know first hand what an honor it is!

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Storybook stroll in downtown Tonganoxie

I applaud the E.A.S.T. Group in their efforts to keep Tongie alive! Well done!

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Tonganoxie police track down escaped prisoner

Great Job TKPD for getting a bad guy off the street!

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Tonganoxie City Council votes to purchase church for $275,000

I firmly believe buying the church without the full council was an error buy the governing body. I believe all members should have been present before a vote was taken on such an exspensive purchase. The money which is going to be spent on purchasing the building plus monies needed to re-purpose the building could have been used to build a very suitable police Dept. on property the city already owns. Just the wrong move in my opinion.

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Tonganoxie City Council votes to demolish former police station

I Have heard City workers are going to attempt to do the demolition themselves. I Do Not believe this is a wise idea at all. You have Dr. Stevens wall to save and the Council/Court chambers. This should be done if done at all by professionals who know what their doing. Just my Opinion.

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Remember When column to make return later this year

I'm with tophat. I enjoy the old area history. Bring it back.

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KDOT says new traffic signal a go

I am So glad KDOT made the decision to place the stop light at Stone Creek & 24/40. Putting it there, I believe, will make it safer also for the Intersections to the West.by slowing the flow through those intersections. I'm glad it's finally happening.

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Leavenworth County undersheriff reflects on long career

Thank you for ALL your dedicated years of service to the County & our community. Enjoy your retirement years, You gave your all to Protect & Serve the people of this county. May you & barb enjoy retirement in Montana. Best Wishes!

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No classes Jan. 11 in USD 464 to accommodate state debate

It is quite an honor for Tonganoxie to be hosting the State debate tournament for 4A & 3A classes. I'm so proude of our debate team who have excelled in the State as one of the best in the State. I know it's not football or Basketball, but some of these kids will grow up to be real leaders in our community, County & Yes a State level. Debate gives these kids the chance to stand above the crowd and become responsible leaders. Congratulations Tonganoxie High School!! Oh Yes, I'm Proud because I went to Tonganoxie All 12 Grades.

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Tonganoxie police station renovations approved

12345 This is the building accross from the P.D. their doing the work on. They've pretty much relegated the P.D. to storage. Wanted to Claify that for you. The basement would cost so much money and from what I'm hearing there would be no guarentee the mold problems wouldn't come back.

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