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It's over: Box's resignation ends council standoff, leaves Basehor with 2 elected officials

I'm with you old vet. Fred is a war hero and all around great American. Too bad this became a fiasco. Still want to know how anything will get done without a quorum.

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It's over: Box's resignation ends council standoff, leaves Basehor with 2 elected officials

How will it be possible for two councilmen to choose which is going to be Mayor without having a quorum of the council. If I'm not mistaken it takes 3 councilmen to have a quorum, which they don't have. Can someone enlighten me on the subject? I would think the best way to achive fairness in this whole thing would be for the county commissioners to be given names of which to chose and pick councilmen from there. When those are chosen, then the full council can vote who's to be Mayor then the new Mayor selects a councilman to replace his position. Anyone else have any suggestions? I don't believe any business or the paying of the bills can take place without a quorum.

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County commission OKs shooting range near Tonganoxie

Just Remember to vote this Next election. Our 3rd District Rep is running. Lets send him a message how we feel, with a vote Against Flower & For Bixby!!

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Council selects police site

I would first like to thank Councilmen Bixby & Peak for their vote on the Police Department issue. Now is not the time given our Cities Economic Situation and the fact I believe the Department should stay downtown for convenience of our Citizens and Set an example to encouge businesses to come downtown. I do applaud Everlasting Specialties for making the choice to move back downtown. kind of ironic I think. Laying more money out for another capital improvement I'm afraid will lower our credit rating with Moody's. I believe it has already been lowered once, so for that reason I was opposed to the Outlay of more of our Funds!

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Letter: A district of its own

Totally Agreed!!

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Tonganoxie police station could be decided in 2 weeks

I feel moving the Police Dept. out of downtown is a Huge mistake! The Station is Like an anchor for downtown. I know the City hall will follow. People know esactly where to go when a crisis occurs and the other locations are so far out of the way. I know the PD is small and cramped, but now is not the time for this expenditure with housing prices down, people out of work and other projects going on that could bring businesses to Town at the industrial park. Bringing in business is very important in helping with the tax base nd I for one hate the fact of my taxes going up!! The City already has the property on Main St. and could build a PD from the ground up and build like they want.

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Letter to the editor: Water rate increase too steep

WOW!! Suburban was asking the City of Tonganoxie to buy water from them. Suburban said it would be so much better than putting in their (the City) own pipeline from KC to Tongie. Man, am I glad the City rejected Suburbans kind offer!

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Other Tonganoxie convenience stores add services, tweak hours

Tophat, It is rediculous!! It has been this way since several years ago when new editors took over. Now, when the Mill issue finally makes the news, you'll hear, "Why the Hell weren't we informed"!! You watch & See!! Paper has their priorities mixed up. Also, selling Ads is more important than reporting what's going on at council meetings. The ONLY way you'll know what's going on at City Hall is going to City Council meetings on the 2nd & 4th Mondays.

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Graeber running for re-election; Tonganoxie council member gearing for commission run

Hey, you're Welcome. Glad i could make your day!!

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Graeber running for re-election; Tonganoxie council member gearing for commission run

Councilman Bixby, Don't you think your letting those down who elected you to get the City back on track? I being one of them. Stay and do what the people elected you to do, help change City Hall for the better! Don't bail now! Remember who who would pick your replacement. Then Nothing changes. Councilman Peak Can Not do it alone! STAY, Do what you were elected to do.

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