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Rise of the Machines

It is paining me to write this entry. Over the past week, I have spent more time staring at a computer screen than a World of Warcraft junkie. Granted, I have not logged anywhere near the hours that my cohorts have. Nic Irick, a fellow senior and the other half of the 4-speaker affirmative team, may have actually become some sort of human/computer hybrid due to his ridiculously long, yet productive, research marathons.

You might think that the long hours we log in the debate room would drain on our social lives, but the opposite is true for most of us. Debate becomes your social life. You might recall our spontaneous outings to Chipotle and the gifts we give to each other. Each of these becomes the highlight of our social calendar for the week as we push everything else to the side.

And when I say everything, I mean everything. Homework lies in piles on my desk, waiting for Sunday. My room, which I like to keep somewhat clean, is in shambles. And let's not even discuss the list of chores my mom has waiting.

It might appear that I hate debate, which is not at all true. Like most debaters, I tend to look at things in terms of how my future will be affected and what I will gain. Through debate, I have gained the tools necessary to really excel. I have developed effective research skills. I am a very capable speaker, and I have the confidence to do whatever I want to do.

Don't get me wrong. There have been times I vowed to never debate again. And there have been times that I wanted to do nothing but debate. Overall, however, it's an activity that has allowed me to develop the skills needed to succeed.

This weekend represents the last seven debate rounds of my life. In a way, it's a very joyous occasion. But it also marks the beginning of the end of my high school career. It's an activity that I've done for four years that I suddenly won't do anymore and can't look forward to doing ever again. So, I think I'll go make the most of my last few days of debate. I think my eyes can take a few more hours of staring at a computer screen.

January 20, 2010

The Debate Diaries


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