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Thank you smokers

I would like to take this space to thank smokers. Especially today since the tobacco tax has gone up another 61cents I think it is, it doesn't matter anyway, so THANK YOU!

By continuing to buy tobacco you are contributing to the insurance coverage for children. Now I hope you don't slow your purchasing of tobacco down due to the higher costs because if you do you will transfer this burden to the non-smoking population of the US. That wouldn't be appropriate, unless you are wealthy and you can afford to pay more and not be hurt as bad financially according to those in power right now.

Now back to the tobacco/child health care issue.

How the heck did the government tie these together? Funding child health care should be taken care of by the parents.... Or is that to simple for you? My parents provided my health insurance, I provided health insurance for my children and the children we have with children should provide their offspring with health insurance. Understand? If you have 2 or 3 cell phones and a house phone and cable tv and xm radio in the car and 2 car payments and whatever but no health insurance you need to make some lifestyle changes. You might also try listening to Dave Ramsey to learn about how to take care of your finances.

If you are unwilling to give up some of these creature comforts you might want to get a second job, or a third job to be able to purchase health insurance.

You think you can't afford your own health insurance? Contact this guy and see exactly what you need and how affordable it is

It's still amazing to me to see how most Americans think it is the responsibility of the government to provide our every need and even more amazing how nobody seems to care that health insurance and health care is a personal responsibility. Like it or not it is up to you to live a lifestyle that doesn't put your health and ability to be a productive citizen at risk. Nobody in Topeka or Washington DC can make you eat a healthy diet, or make you exercise, or brush and floss daily, or anything else that would contribute to good health.

But again, I seem to be the only one that cares anymore.


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