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It's been a few days

I know you've all been missing my blog entries but sometimes I have to work.

Where do I start? Pirates? Earthquake? The president planning to use "radical" technology to cool earths air? People killing people?

Ok, people killing people to start. This might be going out on a limb but I think this gives President Goodwrench (he's running GM, remember?) a foot in the door to try to strip 2nd Amendment rights from honest folks. It will take the spin of a crisis. Guns are bad. Don't tell me "guns don't kill people, people kill people" I know that. Pres. Goodwrench wants a reason to take control of the evil, mean, people killing guns. The news hyping the recent deaths around the country gives him a "crisis". And as we have seen since Jan. 20 he is all about taking control of any crisis.

Let's not look at the people doing the killing, no that might make sense. Let us look at the gun, focus all the attention to the object that is incapable of doing anything without human intervention, the gun.

Well I'm not sure but I would guess that the recent multiple killings that have been reported were done by people that were about a half a bubble from being level, if you know what I mean. Not that they might not have been good people, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying a sane person doesn't take a gun into a building and start shooting folks. I have proof of that, I have worked in buildings for over 30 years and that has not happened in the buildings I have worked, yet. If the focus is shifted to the person doing the killing we might learn that the gun had more than a little assistance in the crime. You may not know it but the person doing the killing is a criminal, a dead criminal in most of these cases but a criminal none the less. Reading the news and listening to the talking heads on tv and radio you may not have noticed how they fail to mention the crime, they focus on how the remaining family feels, how the community feels, how the USA looks to the world when this happens, etc. Remember, you read it here first, there was a crime committed and it wasn't by a gun.

So my prediction is that congress will take time to have hearings on these killings, on guns, on everything except the criminals that committed these crimes. They don't have enough to worry about like the trillions of dollars they are spending to avoid a financial crisis, or shooting something in to the atmosphere to reflect the suns rays away from earth to help it cool (wasn't it cool enough this past weekend?) to avoid a climate crisis, or like how to protect the shipping routes against pirates to avoid a shipping crisis. No they will talk about how evil guns are to people. Then after these hearings (or perhaps during) President Goodwrench will declare a gun crisis and demand that legislation must be passed (before anyone has time to read the complete bill) to avoid a gun catastrophe.

If I'm wrong I'm wrong. But that's how I see things happening.

But I still get the feeling that nobody but me cares.


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