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$13 a week more take home pay, Gee thanks D.C.

I just read where "workers" will be getting an extra $13 per week in their pay checks. And it's called stimulus. Let's check the numbers. There are (from the government Jan. 2009) 142,099,000 in the civilian workforce. That means the government gets $1,847,287,000 less a week. Does that mean they are willing to cut $1,847,287,000 in spending? Oh no, they are going to spend that and more.

Back to my calculator. the tax cuts (actually it's a rebate since the % of tax paid is unchanged, I guess this is "change") adjusted to a yearly amount is $96,058,924,000. Let us look at the "stimulus" bill and see what else is being spent that is close to this worker tax relief.

First there is an $83billion for the earned income credit for people who don’t pay income tax! In my words that's called welfare.

Next there is $50billion for the National Endowment for the Arts. You remember this group don't you? You know the crucifix in urine "art". That's stimulating....

Then $40.8billion for health insurance assistance for unemployed. Again, welfare, something for nothing.

Oh and we can't forget about the states. There is $79billion for the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund. State welfare.

Medicaid will get an additional $89billion. ADDITIONAL, as in MORE. Get that? How many more people can the feds get on the "free" health care wagon. Free, right. There goes my $13/week right back to pay for someone else health care. Can we add the $40.8billion aid to the unemployed to this since it's all health care related? That brings it to $129.8billion.

I know $30million isn't much but come on, $30million to preserve wetlands and the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse. $30million FOR SAVING MICE!!!! We kill rodents here in Tonganoxie (see the squirrel scramble articles). But this is in Nancy Peloci's district. Go figure.

So, with my $13/week I'm supposed to stimulate the economy. It just doesn't add up to me. Uncle Sam is "giving" us $13 a week while they spend an additional $800billion getting more people dependent on handouts.

I'll give my $13 to the Church and see how they can spend it. I'm betting they can get more done with it than Washington can.


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