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Whatever shall we do?

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more interesting, it did. No refund checks from Topeka, no pay checks if you are a state employee and no cuts in the Kansas government spending.

Now I read where the gov. has placed the blame on the republicans (they want her to cut spending before they issue more debt, and actually it really isn't cutting spending, it's just not spending as much as the gov. wants) and the republicans are blaming the gov. and the cycle continues.

Tell ya what to do. Outsource government. Hire contractors that will go to Topeka for about half of what all the elected and appointed folk there earn and let 'em have a go at it.

By outsourcing the elected officials we could try one as a senator and see if he works out ok, if not we call the agency and get a replacement. Same with the house and the gov. It might take a while but eventually we could end up with some pretty bright people in Topeka to handle the budget "crisis" that I'm sure will be announced later today or tomorrow.

You don't like outsourcing. Ok, we could all go to Topeka, park our cars to block every road leading to town, pitch tents around the capital building and wait for our money and tell the elected that they can take care of us until our money gets in.

Not much on camping huh? Well how about calling your rep. and sen. every 10 minutes and asking the poor person answering the phone "is my check in the mail?" Do this everyday until the check arrives.

Not a phone person. How about just dropping by the elected folks house and invite yourself in for dinner twice a week and once a week go to the govs house and see if she will feed you as well.

Or we could do like most folks and bury our heads a bit deeper into the sand.


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