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More Hope and Change

I'm not sure what you got out of the presidents speech last night but what I came away with wasn't much different than anything else he has said.

Boiled down he said I'm going to tax the rich and give to the poor.
I'm going to tell you we are going to fix the spending mess by spending more. I'm going to make everyone that doesn't have a college education feel bad about being stupid (actually this is a new one....).
I'm going to keep telling everyone that this is a crisis and things need to be done NOW not knowing if the plans will even work.
I'm going to make policy that taxes energy to the point consumers suffer, and not really care. I'm not to blame for this mess. I'm giving you $16 a week. I'm serious, there are no earmarks, seriously, but my administration has found $2trillion of "misspending".

But he sure sounds good and can strike a pose.


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