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Spending Spree

Why do we just sit back and let the spending spree continue? Are we really so lazy that we will not call our elected officials and demand they spend less?

I was reading this morning that the proposed budget will spend $10,000 for each American. I know from last years tax return the feds didn't get $10k from me AND my wife and they probably won't this year either. I'm pretty sure I'm the average Joe in Tongie and most of you didn't pay $10k each in taxes either. From where is the balance coming? I guess it is coming from the rich folk in town, you know, those that have opened a business, poured their blood sweat and tears into it only to be punished for being "wealthy".

The wealthy are going to fund all kinds of things among them universal health care (that doesn't work anywhere it has been tried) to the tune of over $600billion.

And the definition of wealthy? Anyone earning $250k a year or more. I don't like that figure. I think the definition of wealthy should be equal to the amount the lowest paid congressman/senator earns, period. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

But again, I get the feeling nobody cares. Seriously. I listened to the "reporters" on TV after the address to congress by the president and they are amazed at how well he speaks. He's the greatest speaker since JFK! I'm sure there were tingles running up some of their legs as they listened in awe. I hear people talk at work it's more of the same "he's such a great speaker". Read the news, more of the same "have not heard a speech like this in years". So much tingling....

I listened to the content. I don't care how well one speaks. It is the content that should be the subject. I'm not impressed with the content. It is nothing more than what has been tried before and has failed miserably.

More for social programs to help the poor. We have had a war on poverty for decades and there are still poor. More for health care. Medicare and Medicaid are wonderful examples of how the federal government has dumbed down health care and bloated the costs to the paying consumers.

There is an overall increase in federal spending at a time when consumers are spending less and facing job cuts. This spells less tax revenues. So where will the money come from?

I get the feeling before it is all said and done most of the working population in the U.S. of A will be reclassified as wealthy to cover this spending spree.

But who really cares?


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