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They have already failed

I'll go one step past Rush Limbaugh and tell you the president has already failed, the house has already failed and the senate has already failed.

They have failed to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Plain and simple. Each one of these elected folks have sworn to uphold the constitution and look what they have done.

They have all taken upon themselves the power to cure what is ailing the American economy. Where did they get this power? I don't recall there being a Constitutional Convention and the ratification of a new amendment that states "The president, house and senate may take whatever measures they desire to stimulate the economy of the US of A and if need be the world" yet they have passed a stimulus bill that has no chance of stimulating the economy of every American, only the select demographic needed for the current elect to remain in power.

The left is pushing us further to the left, the right is doing nothing, saying nothing and the middle is being run over and forgotten.

I've had enough.

I know I can't do anything by myself so I'm inviting about 20,000 of my closest friends to Tonganoxie for a protest on July 4, 2009. They can meet at my house and we can have a pot luck, some music and maybe a few speakers to tell the town, state, nation and world that we're fed up and won't take any more.

If you are coming please just post to this blog and let me know so I can have enough paper plates and cups, oh and port-o-potties.


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