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$1.6 Trillion Gone

Since Jan. 20, 2009 investors have seen the value of the Dow drop $1.6 Trillion! That's about 31% if I can still do math with that many zeros.

I wonder how many trillion dollars have been wiped out in our home values?

It's getting worse each day.

Now if you have read anything I've posted you know I would rather Washington DC stay out of this mess, after all they created it... But prior to the election we heard on TV and radio and all we read in the news was all about the way change was going to be ushered in and everything would be better. Now what do we read and hear? Going Gray Is Just a Part of the Job... White House press secretary says battles with Limbaugh, Santelli, Cramer is 'fun'... Obama Doesn't Go Anywhere Without His Teleprompter...

Come on main stream media, report the successes of change. Tell us what is being done to get the economy going. Tell us what change is coming next. Oh, there is nothing good to report about the wonderful change? Well then tell us we about hope.

I hope things change.

I hope Washington DC pulls their heads out of where ever and puts some real action into turning things around.

Let's start by eliminating taxes on savings and investments. Quit giving handouts. Not only cap spending let us roll it back, spend less than we did before.

Oh, this one just hit me square in the face... The Dow is now at its lowest point in say 12 years, and unemployment is at its highest point in say 25 years, Washington DC you have to roll your spending back to where it was (let me see, 25 + 12 = 37 divide by 2 and that is 18.5) 18.5 years ago.

That might turn some heads....


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