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Presidents have the honor of having every email, every phone call, every speech, every move chronicled and made available to the public through the freedom of information act, until now. It seems that the current resident of the White House is a Crack-berry addict and has insisted on keeping his berry. Now the email that originates from his berry and is managed from the White House email server is not a problem but any item that goes from his berry to Canada (where Research In Motion - Blackberry - is located) is outside the USofA and perhaps not covered by the FOI act.

Who do you suppose he is contacting that he doesn't want tracked?

Is this putting America at risk?

Is it just more "black helicopter" conspiracy theory junk?

Is the president above these laws? (I recall Nixon saying something about if the president does something it's not against the law.....)

OH, and if you are wondering, the economy is still in the tanks and I'm still waiting to be "stimulated".....


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