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NCAA or economy?

From the president on ESPN yesterday -

"Here's what I like about Carolina: experience and balance," Obama said.

Experience and balance. Now that's a concept that the American people should have used during the last presidential election.

Watching the president on ESPN showed me what his experience is - he is a professional narcissist.

It's all about BHO. Look at me, I'm cool, I do what "regular" Americans do, see, I'm picking my bracket. Look at me I go on the late night TV shows to make sure everyone knows just how cool I really am. I don't know much about economy but hey, I'm cool.

He has allowed congressmen to lie about the bailout of AIG and the bonuses, but this president is cool.

The president said there would be 5 days to look at the bailout bill before a vote, then pushed for its quick passage, but he sure is cool.

Tax cuts have been proven to help a down economy and the president wants tax hikes, but he is so cool.

The federal reserve creates $1trillion out of thin air, but the president is the most cool president we've ever had.

His teleprompter malfunctions and he's still cool.

Guantanamo detainees (aka terrorists) may be released in the United States, yet the president is still cool.

The president allows the speaker of the house to declare that enforcement of current immigration laws is un-American, but the coolness continues to be on the side of BHO.

I'm not sure, but I think I would rather have someone not quite as cool running things in Washington DC.


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