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Ok, it's not enough that the government has taken over the entire financial system, a huge part of the insurance business and many other areas of our life, now they want to control our CO2 emissions.

CO2 (the gas we mammals exhale during the breathing process) has been deemed a "significant threat to human health."

How's this going to work? Is this the cap and trade we've heard about? Is this only for evil energy producers?

First I want to tell everyone that I don't think man has created this so called global warming problem we have now. As a matter of fact there have been news story after news story about the global warming conferences that have been met with record cold temperatures. Kinda takes the wind out of their sails in my mind. But the main reason I don't think man, or man created CO2, has any bearing on the global climate is history. The earth has gone through several ice ages and mini ice ages. The earth has also come out of these ice ages, all without the evil CO2 producing companies, cars, trucks, etc.

How did this happen? I thought the only way the global temperature went up was due man and his successes in creating energy out of natural resources. I guess I am wrong.

The earth has cycles of temperature rise and fall and man had nothing to do with it during the ice ages and man has nothing to do with it now. NOTHING we do will change the temperature in Tonganoxie. Well if we set it on fire it will have a short term rise but it will come back to the normal temperature quite quickly.

I don't want to pay more for electricity or gasoline so it is obvious that I don't agree with increased taxes on oil companies, power producing companies or any company that emits carbon UNLESS we mammals are taxed at the same rate as the businesses. What makes us so much more special than businesses? After these evil businesses are closed down due to the high taxes they pay (they really don't pay the tax, they pass the tax on to the consumers and we just quit using their product when it costs too much for us to buy) mammals are will be one of the few CO2 producers left to tax.

And it will cost us before the companies refuse to do business here. Here's the numbers the BHO administration claim - "a 15 percent reduction in emissions by 2018 would increase costs to low and moderate income families by about 3 percent of their total income. Obama's tax cuts would mitigate some of that increase". Ok, let's say a moderate income is $70,000 per year. That's an additional $2100 the way I read it. So if my current energy (electric) is $1800 per year I will more than double my costs.

You know this will happen. The taxes generated will be used to support some social programs and when that tax stream dries up the programs will continue so the government will have to find another revenue stream and that will be us, the evil breathers, the exhalers of CO2.

You may think I'm crazy now but come back and re-read this in a few years.....


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