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Headlines -

Soda Tax Weighed to Pay for Health Care

Increase in Tobacco Tax to Fund Children s Health Care


These are only 2 areas where we are being taxed for something that is deemed unhealthy to pay for health care. When are you people going to learn? Am I the only person that sees what is going on with the government wanting to take over our health care? Am I the only one that cares?

Remember back in the 80's when Nancy Reagan helped with the campaign against drugs? What was that slogan? JUST SAY NO!!!

I think we should revive this and have it focus on all levels of government that want to operate outside their legal duties. You want to take over health care? NO! You want to take over the auto industry (and force them to make eco-friendly cars)? NO! You want to spend $1 but have to borrow $.48 for each of those dollars? NO NO NO NO!!!

That is how we taught our children when they were small. They would try to stick their finger in an electric outlet and we said NO. They would try to run into the street we would say NO. They would try to eat from the litter box and we said NO NO NO!!!! And you know what? For the most part our kids don't stick their fingers in outlets, run into the street and eat from the litter box. NO works.

So send a message to all of our elected officials from the city to the county to the state and to the federal levels telling them No.

Just say NO. It works.

But nobody else cares.


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