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What Diversity?

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Now to my slant.

Why is it that diversity is just a one way street? I mean it is only diverse if all groups agree with what is presented as acceptable. Ok, a bit vague. Let me try to explain. Say I'm in a certain diversity group that waves the confederate flag and parades down the street in Confederate uniforms and you are in a diversity group that waves the Red Black Green Pan-African flag. In the world of diversity I would have to give up my long held traditions and beliefs, stop dressing and waving my confederate flag and accept your long held beliefs and traditions in order to be "diverse".

Not very diverse and very much a one way street.

I've worked for a very large "major corporation" and seen first hand how diversity groups meet and conduct their meetings (it was part of our yearly performance contract to participate in the diversity program). You have the African-American group, the Asia-Pacific group, the Hispanic group, the Gay/Lesbian group, this group, that group, you name it group. However, there were no groups that were composed of blond haired/blue eyed straight men.... Nor was there a group for born again Christians, or straight males/females. No, these were not allowed. They didn't conform to the corporate image of diversity.

I have a couple of friends that were born in Africa and relocated to the USA. One has become a citizen and the other is in the process. The first is now an official "African-American" but prefers to be called an American. He went to the African-American group regularly for a while and during one meeting he spoke up and told the group his feelings. He told them they should quit complaining about being black and enjoy the good job they have, the nice home they have, the food that is so plentiful here in America and quit complaining about what had happened in the past.

He explained to them how he lived in Nigeria as a kid. That there wasn't much to enjoy and the difficulties and sacrifices his family went through, the hard work and lack of the things we have come to expect here, like a solid roof above you, a real floor below you (his "house" had a dirt floor), electricity 99% of the time (they would have just a few hours a day of electricity), air conditioning, cars, bikes, toys, cable tv, radio, cell phones, computers. He reminded the group that the poor have most of these things here in America.

He scolded them saying that the people in the room with him made more than most of the worlds population and were still complaining about "the man" holding them back.

He closed telling them that he was the only "African-American" in the room and that they were not and none of them would be able to last a week how he lived growing up and they shouldn't hold meetings to complain but to give thanks.

He wasn't asked to speak in that group again. He didn't fit their mold. Eventually he attended only the minimum number of meetings to fulfill his performance contract.

When the diversity groups met in a general assembly type settings you would expect people would mix a bit but they remained to a large extent in their separate groups.

Keeping separate to show how together you are... Didn't make sense then, and makes less since now.

My idea about diversity you ask... Everyone that wants to show hot together you are and how much you don't care about the color of ones skin or where you are from, or the challenges you have in life, or whatever, sit down with each other and enjoy the life you have as one group. Celebrate life. It's not a black life or a white life or a rainbow life or a disabled life. Its life. Live it to the fullest.


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