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Preparing for my trip to Dallas!

As a freshman finding a ticket to the Oklahoma/Texas game is tricky business. Upperclassmen have first priority when it comes to any type of sporting event. For regular season football tickets all freshmen were required to sign up for a lottery, you could end up with a ticket or be out of luck depending on if your name was drawn. I was lucky enough to recieve a season ticket. As the time started getting closer to OU/TX, I decided I was going to do whatever it took to get there. It started when a girl from my sorority house asked if I wanted to group my ticket for the game. I informed her I didnt have a ticket because when tickets went on sale to upperclassmen, they sold out with in 20 minutes. She encouraged me to look on Facebook Marketplace for a ticket because she heard a lot of people buy them, then sell. So i took my chances and looked on Facebook. The first ad to pop up was from a graduate student, who had posted her ad an hour before. I thought to myself "it surely has to be gone by now". So i messaged her. She messaged me right back and said I was the first to respond so I got first dibs. At this point I was extremely excited and had to call my mom. When I told her I had found a ticket and really wanted to go, she told me i had to buy it myself. The ticket cost was a little more than I ever expected to pay for it but I knew it would all be worth it in the end. I mean this is the biggest college rivalry game of the season how could I pass it up. I then met up with the graduate student and made my purchase! Execpt I couldnt get the ticket until this past week which made me nervous because it was still in their name. Knowing that they could have taken my money and the ticket and ran which made me uneasy. When the time finally came around to pick up tickets, the student called me to inform me she had my ticket and I could pick it up when I had free time. With a ticket purchased now the only set back was to find a ride and place to stay. The girl from my house asked if I had found a ticket and told her i had! We were both very excited! I had known about my ticket for about three weeks before i picked it up, so we have had plenty of time to work out traveling and a hotel. At first we looked into a company who puts together group trip packages for college students. Their packages include a chater bus to/from your destination, hotel for two nights, and breakfast. We called the company but they were booked full. We then decided we would have her boyfriend drive us with the caravan of cars following us a.k.a. "Our Group". We made reservations at the Hyatt near Dallas because EVERY hotel is booked for this weekend. So far this has been a great adventure from finding a ticket to booking a hotel. Im sure this will end up being a weekend I will never forget. =)

October 15, 2009

Red River ramblings


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