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Game Day!

So it's game day. We were going to all get up 5am this morning but that didn't go according to plan, of course. We ended up finally leaving with our group of 7 around 9:30 and yes, kick off was at 11. And we still had to find a way to the stadium. So we head down to leave and one of the guys with us lost his wallet and phone the night before so he had no id and his football tickets, his girlfriends ticket, and another guys ticket were in his car which was in valet parking. So while he went to try and get his tickets from his car with no id then rest of us sat in a taxi. He was finally able to get all three tickets from his car. We were finally heading towards the stadium at 10:15. We got close and still had to walk quite a ways. We got to our seats which happen to be the very top row of the entire stadium. A positive about our seats was we had a cement wall behind us to lean against. The seats actually had a pretty good view of the entire field. The game was ling and exciting but we just didn't come up to par in the end. It was a good fight though. BOOMER SOONER!

October 17, 2009

Red River ramblings


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