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4-H offers numerous activities for youths

August 9, 2006

After moving to Tonganoxie three years ago, members of the Titterington family knew immediately that they wanted to be involved in a local 4-H group.

They had previously participated in 4-H while they were living in Indiana and wanted to continue with the program that they had found to be beneficial in many different areas.

Micah, Kristen, Matthew and Marcus are now part of Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club. This is their second year participating in the Leavenworth County Fair, and all four said they couldn't be more excited.

Micah, 18, is entering projects in the photography and family studies competitions.

He said he liked learning about his family and thought it was interesting to learn about what his ancestors had done.

"It helps preserve a history and gives you stories to tell," Micah said.

So far, Micah has researched as far back as his great-great-great grandparents. He's found stories about one relative who was a horse thief and another who died from a rattlesnake bite. He said that he might have even found evidence of there being French royalty in his family.

Although this is his last year in the fair, because he graduated from high school in May, he said he intends to keep researching and working as far back along the family line as possible.

His sister, Kristen, 16, will submit projects in the photography and foods competitions. She participated in both these projects last year and enjoyed them so much she said she wanted to keep learning more about them.

She said both projects required a lot of work to make sure entries turned out exactly as she wanted.

"Sometimes you have to do it more than once for it to come out right," Kristen said about her foods project.

For photography, Kristen said she liked looking for new, interesting perspectives of common objects and finding unusual angles to view them from.

The second-youngest member of the family, Matthew, 14, has chosen the woodworking and clothing construction competitions this year.

Each of Matthew's projects had come from subjects he learned through school and enjoyed so much he wanted to continue with them.

In third grade he made a pillow for a teacher in class and said since then he has wanted to learn how to make more. For his fair project he made a Jedi robe like the ones worn by characters in the "Star Wars" movies.

It was in junior high school that he was first introduced to woodworking. This year he planned to make a game table to use at home.

Also competing in woodworking will be Marcus, 13. He likes this particular competition because he said it was fun and he gets to keep whatever he makes. He decided to make a fishing pole rack this year. Marcus also is participating in foods. He said he had seen his sister work on food entries the previous year and thought it looked fun.

"My goal is to not burn the kitchen down and just to do my best as long as the judge doesn't say it's horrible," Marcus said.

Diane Titterington said that she is pleased her children participate in 4-H because it gives them an opportunity to try numerous activities they may not have had the chance to experience otherwise.

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