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Poets’ Corner

November 8, 2006

This week's poet is Larry Meadows, Tonganoxie, a Veterans of Foreign Wars member. Veterans Day is Saturday.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars

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They fought in battles sometimes long ago.

The memories they have, they can never let go

The visions so horrible, they will never tell.

They are going to heaven, because they have already been to hell.

They work in the community by our side,

Saying very little about their friends who died.

But they will always remember, and it causes great pain.

They would rather work than complain.

They sometimes think back who was our enemy and why did we kill.

Sometimes it makes them quite ill.

They try not to show, so they smile and do good deeds

Because they have seen countries that have real needs.

They love their families, community and country

More than you will ever know.

So they fly Old Glory

To let it show.

When you see these people wearing funny hats,

Never forget what made them like that.

They will go to their graves with one thing in mind,

They are hoping to leave a better world behind.

So don't grieve for these soldiers

When they have finished their race.

Just work harder yourself

To make this a better place.

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