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Poet’s Corner

April 25, 2007

This week's poet is the late Eulah Hurst, grandmother of Jean Walker of Tonganoxie.

Jean writes, "Grandma was born Feb. 23, 1891, in Flippen, Ark. Her given name was Eulah Editha Matthews. She married Frank Lee Hurst, also of Flippen, and sometime in the 1930s, they moved to Turner.

"Grandma left much written about her life's journey. She expressed herself well in her poetry.

"'My Army Boy' was her son, my father, Harlan Lee Hurst, who served in the Army in World War II.

"'Sweet Marie' is about Marie Elain Hurst DeMaranville, who at the time was the baby of the family."

My Army Boy

When they said my boy must go to war
I thought my heart would break.
Then I thought of him who on the cross
once suffered for our sake.
And I knew that He was watching him
where'er my boy might roam.
And if we would only faithful be,
He'd guide my boy home.

Though bombs fall thick and bullets fly
God is looking with a watchful eye.
He will guide them where my boy don't stand
if we hold onto his guiding hand.

(Grandma Hurst included this note at the end of the poem: He didn't fail)

Sweet Marie

We have a little Baby
She is as sweet as she can be.
Sometimes we call her Stinker
and sometimes it is Sweet Marie.

Sometimes she meets you with a smile
And sometimes with a frown.
No matter how she greets you
She is the sweetest girl in town.

Her Daddy thinks she is the stuff
Her mama too, you see.
The children think there is no one
like this little Sweet Marie.

If you want to know what Grandpa thinks
and Grandma on the side.
They think that child will kindly do
She is the family pride.

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