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Poet’s Corner

August 29, 2007

This week's poems are submitted by El Vira Rice.

Rice wrote this first poem to her husband in October 2004 and placed it in his chair so that he would find it. The second poem was written in May 2007, a few days before Memorial Day.

Frank, My Love

Do you remember when we were young?
Full of life and having fun.
And our friendship had just begun?
Did you know then I loved you?

And how we shared our hopes and joys,
when we were blessed with those twin boys.
And tried not to stumble over toys,
Yes, then too I loved you.

I don't really care that your wavy hair,
has turned to gray and is barely there.
For I still love you anyway.

Now with figure bent so low,
and with footsteps that have gotten slow.
And still you strive to come and go.
And I still love you so.

If the time comes to pass,
an angel takes you from my grasp.
I'll cherish my memories of our past,
and, -- I'll still love you.

A Final Plea

Please don't take my flowers.
Please just let them be.
They are from my loved ones.
Who thought a lot of me.

They were their parting gift to me,
as I go on my way.
For I am on a special trip,
and I won't be back some day.
So please don't take my flowers.

Please just let them be.
Let them cover that black soil,
that soon will blanket me.

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