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The True Story of the Night Before Christmas

December 12, 2007

This week's poem was written by Eli Jones in December 2000. The poem was contributed by Eli's grandmother, Mrs. Gertus Jones.

The True Story of the Night Before Christmas

Twas' the night before Christmas

And at the North Pole

Santa caused a big fuss

'Cause he fell in a hole.

The elves put him in the sleigh

His leg hurt so bad,

They said, "Be on your way."

And Santa was extremely sad.

He went to the doctor

Who said it was broke.

The Doc said, "I'm sorry,

But I'm grounding you, you bloke."

"I can't stay home

At least not tonight,

I must go on

My Christmas Eve flight."

Santa went back to his shop

To tell the elves the news

The elves did not stop

They sent for "help" crews.

The crews hopped in the sleigh

With the soldiers and dolls,

They yelled "up up and away!"

And soared over the walls.

All through the night

The crews hurried around,

Sliding down chimneys

In each little town.

Finally all finished

The crews headed back,

Tired Santa, some elves

And a big, empty sack.

Mrs. Claus was waiting

With steaming hot tea,

She tucked Santa in bed

It was still as could be.

So Santa survived

His broken leg flight,

He said, "Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night!!!"

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