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Letters to the editor:

Check out charities when giving donations

December 26, 2007

To the editor:

We all like to give to charity. It doesn't really cost us that much and it makes us feel so good that we are able to share some of what we have with someone who doesn't have enough of what they need.

Ron Thornburgh, Kansas secretary of state, recently issued a warning about unscrupulous charities. He suggests researching a charity before you give and you can do so at:

We firmly believe that the United Way is the very best way to help others.

The agencies served by United Way are carefully screened by dedicated volunteers and most importantly, all the money raised supports people who need the services right here in Leavenworth County. A full 96 percent of the funds raised goes to support the people served by those agencies. Fundraising expenses account for only 4 percent.

There are many good charities doing great work, but a few that don't measure up. Follow the advice of the secretary of state and check before you give.

Remember, a donation or payroll deduction to the United Way is not only safe, but 96 cents out of every dollar will benefit people right here in Leavenworth County. Support your local United Way!

Derald Linn

Executive director


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