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Poet’s Corner

May 16, 2007

This week's poet is Margaret Smelser of McLouth.

Of Messes and Masterpieces

Only God can bring great beauty from the messes in my life,
In His own good time and manner a new picture comes to life. From the messes I fall into which sometimes break my heart, Comes a sudden burst of beauty that I only see in part.
Trials come in many fashions, from mistakes come bitter pain, If I only look for answers His great love shines through again. My life's not a perfect picture for the paint is often smeared,
As long as I will keep on trying some glad day it will be clear. God can take the darkest storm cloud when it seems the sun won't shine.
He will clean up all my messes, soon a rainbow will be mine.
If I give my all to Jesus, let my faith in Him increase,
He will take the messed-up picture, make of it a masterpiece!

("Of Messes and Masterpieces" was inspired by a Sunday morning quote from Smelser's pastor.)

A Stray's Struggle Ends

They litter our roads with their garbage,
disposable diapers and such;
what I must experience this morning,
once again, is a little too much.
The sweet amber eyes of the Collie
deeply mirror her trust and her fears;
an adult must make adult decisions
and I find my eyes brimming with tears.
The quick stinging thrust of the needle
in the hands of our competent vet,
will close amber eyes now forever,
leave a memory I cannot forget.
Dear Lord. did You make a "forever"
for sweet amber-eyed Collie strays?
At least she won't shrink from the beatings
which would haunt her the rest of her days.
What happens to humans, dear Father,
so quick to call animals "dumb";
will ever there be a reversal
and life turned around and made "plumb"?
Doesn't dumb better fit the discarder
who throws away dogs, cats and cans?
They are cruel to the depths of their beings--
surely this wasn't part of Your plan.
Now the day hurries on regardless
with a piece of mine broken in two
for the memory of amber-eyed Collie
will be with me whatever I do.

(Smelser wrote "A Stray's Struggle Ends" before there was an organization in the county to take in strays. This particular was pregnant and Smelser could not care for it. She was already taking care of several strays. She said she believed animal dumping is still a problem.)

A Rose, Our Mom, and Memories

Today I breathed the fragrance of a pale wild rose in bloom; Old memories came flooding back of years gone far too soon. Our Mama's birthday, she was young, her eyes were sparkling brown,
Though her days were never easy, she seldom wore a frown.

Three children trudging down the road one summer day in June;
While searching for a bright sweet rose, one precious fragrant bloom.
A simple crystal vase awaits, my brother's precious hoard
Had purchased it in country town, was all he could afford.

Our Mama, how she loved the gift, she took from childish hands,
I picture her within my mind, she thought the gift was grand.
The crystal vase, as vases will, was broken in those years; Fond memories still linger on, though sometimes bring me tears.

For as the rose I picked today will soon wilt and be gone,
Life is a moment on this earth, we'll someday meet the dawn. Of that new day He's promised us where we will never part;
We gave our Mom one sweet wild rose, she gave us all her heart.

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