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Letter to the editor: Show veterans your support

February 6, 2008

During the week of Feb. 10-16, the Veterans Administration is sponsoring a National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans.

The purpose of this event is threefold: 1) Pay tribute and express appreciation to hospitalized veterans. 2) Increase community awareness of the role of VA medical centers. 3) Encourage citizens to visit hospitalized veterans and become involved as volunteers.

Here in Tonganoxie, we have three VA medical centers within 75 miles. They are located in Kansas City, Mo., Topeka and Leavenworth. I encourage you to visit one of them during this event.

We have a generation of young Americans that is putting itself in harm's way on our behalf. We benefit from the sacrifices of these brave men and women. It is our duty as a nation, as a community, as Americans, to be there for them in their need. Overlooked however are the many wounded that must return to VA centers for lifelong treatment, veterans of previous wars. We also owe this group a debt of gratitude and our unending support.

Veterans organizations like the Veterans of Foreign Wars epitomize the bond shared among combat veterans as displayed in their actions and their motto, "Honoring the dead by helping the living." The VFW in 2005 became the first veterans organization to contribute to building the new Disabled Veterans for Life Memorial, which is being constructed in Washington, D.C., and is expected to open in 2010.

The VFW is an advocate for all veterans, but especially wounded veterans. Gen. Douglas MacArthur stated: "The soldier, above all other men, is required to perform the highest act of religious teaching - sacrifice."

Eligible veterans, consider joining the VFW and assisting with this endeavor. Regardless of service, honor our wounded veterans during this week and show your support.

Dan Hopkins



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