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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

July 2, 2008

A hint from Gen R. this morning: "I hit on a good one the other day, I tried it, it worked," she said. "I'd like to share it with your readers."

Gen R. has given us several such hints she is very good and busy at her sewing machine and she's so very practical. I'm anxious to try it myself.

When making buttonholes in knit fabrics, she places scotch tape over the area. Then, after stitching the buttonhole, she simply pulls the tape off.

"Works like a charm," she said.

It was Gen who gave us the WD-40 hint: When sewing with vinyl just spray it lightly with WD-40 and it will easily slide under the needle, etc.

Knits like our jeans and their fabrics have changed so very much. Knits for so many years mainly were used just for making our undergarments. It's so different now, as we find knits everywhere in some of our finest garments. It's such an easy care fabric. It has become a first choice, especially when traveling. However, it has that one great fault. It will snag easily and more so when you are away from home. They have very handy little gadgets to repair snags - they just pull the snag to the underside. All you really need is a needle and thread. Simply thread a needle using a double thread. Now, from the wrong side, push the back end of the needle, along with its thread, through the garment at the base of the snag. Pull the thread out away from the needle to form a loop. Next, pull the wispy snagged fibers through the loop you've made. Pull the thread up tight and then pull the needle and thread along with the fuzzy snag through to the wrong side of your garment.

Most of us keep in our car and in our luggage that small kit containing a needle and thread, safety pins, etc. It can be a "life saver" at times. I usually have a safety pin or two pinned inside my purse, because you or someone you know will have that emergency when you least expect it.

See you all next week.

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