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June 25, 2008

Those jeans again.

As one young lady found out the other day, it can be difficult cutting her jeans to make shorts. When she tried to ravel them for a fringed bottom edge, it didn't happen. She said it "just sorta curled up."

And she asked, "why?"

Jeans, like knits, have many "new faces." The fabric in jeans used to be woven of heavy cotton fabric. We say woven cotton fabrics will tear "across the grain." That's why it has always been so easy to pull out those crosswise threads. Sometimes they wear out at the knees. The big gaping holes are all the rage right now. They love that look. However, I'm sure it's only a passing fancy, so to speak.

Back to the little lady's current problem. She probably has, and is referring to, the popular stretch jeans. No, they won't tear - they also won't fringe out all stringy and thread-like as regular jeans do.

However, you can also make a very neat fringe-type on them. It does take a little more time and patience. So for now, practice on that cut away section here again as the other day in the quick fringe. Just cut up into the leg, little slashes about an inch deep and about a quarter of an inch apart. If her fabric is what I think it is, it will curl up a little making a fringed and really attractive edge. I'm sure she will like it. It may have to be cut just a wee-bit deeper to the same effect.

I like what's happened in the jean world. They've used the same old jean pattern to create many new and easier things to wear - more comfortable than the old jeans in many different fabrics and still call them our jeans.

So until next week, hug those kids and pray for our leaders.

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