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Our view: Time to ‘go green’ with paint job

March 12, 2008

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow nearly is in our sights.

That gold is Tonganoxie's 20th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, which will be held Saturday morning through downtown Tonganoxie.

Each year, one of those colors of the rainbow is donned down the middle of Fourth Street.

It's always been a "mystery" how the green stripe always seems to appear in time for the parade. Local leprechauns could be the ones painting the stripe down the street, another tradition connected to a parade that has spurred additional events in the community annually on that day.

To whoever is painting the stripe this year and years to come, we have a suggestion: Go green.

Obviously you clearly have "gone green" by the color choice, but you also can "go green" by selecting paint that is temporary and biodegradable.

That might be easier said than done, especially with only a few days remaining before the big parade. But it's a potential option that should be looked into for future parades.

By doing so, the paint would serve its purpose by once again adding flavor to a wonderful Tonganoxie tradition. At the same time, it's hoped that the green would wash away with some upcoming spring rains or when city crews clean streets. That way, the leprechauns' canvas would be ready to go for another parade in 2009.


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