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Letter to the editor: Council member defended for backhoe sale inquiries

March 19, 2008

To the editor:

Business as usual!

The no-bid sale of our backhoe by city employees and a council member borders on an illegal act. This debacle just brings to light the continuing lack of regard and respect for taxpayers of Tonganoxie.

NO BID - NO PROBLEM and no questions allowed. Ignorance of city policy is inexcusable. The decision to purchase a new backhoe and plan to trade in the old one was brought to the entire council for approval according to city policy.

I do buy and rarely sell equipment. I do have an idea what used backhoes are worth and that was one a heck of a bargain. When a dealer offers an amount for a trade-in, he is going to make money when he offers it for sale to another customer.

The statement made to Paula Crook about ability to know the value of equipment was beyond rude, it was an insult to her intelligence. It is her right and duty as a council member to question why and who changed the original vote of the council.

Paula was doing what the voters of Tonganoxie ask all council members to do, represent the best interest of the citizens of Tonganoxie. You couldn't pay enough to be on this city's council - attending meetings, making decisions to spend taxpayers' money and studying city policy, etc. is done out of dedication.

If a paid employee doesn't know the policy after 20-plus years, guess we shouldn't come down too hard on a volunteer council member who has no knowledge of policy either.

Some people get fired for not knowing their job and being insubordinate.

Roger Shilling,



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