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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

May 7, 2008

As I step 'way out' of the sewing room today, I'm also uttering a little prayer: "This one's for you, dad."

You see, I (we) had a father who most of all taught us to be fair, to think of the other person and above all, "not to be afraid to speak out," to never just leave it to someone else and to always remember our one voice. Our one vote really does count.

Seeing a really dangerous spot over here on the highway that we pass again and again, I said to my daughter, "Someone sure ought to report that, say something or do something, before something awful happens."

She replied, "Well, how about yourself, Mom?"

That little tug at my heartstrings just could have been my dad.

With the renovations to the Kansas Highway 7/U.S. Highway 24-40 interchange, traffic is rerouted down 130th Street to connect with Kansas Highway 7 near QuikTrip. At the traffic light there, after the right and left turns, it shows a big green go straight ahead light, and if you did (a stranger not knowing the road just might) you'd land in a big ravine head first.

After several calls I got the right person.

I said, "I suppose you've already gotten a bucket full of calls on this."

He replied, "No, ma'am, you're the first. I know where you're referring to. We are to put a permanent structure there when we complete the project."

He added, "I certainly do appreciate your call, and I do thank you for calling it to our attention."

Just a couple days later, if that long, they had placed a row of the striped cones all along that edge.


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