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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

May 14, 2008

Recently patching a very active young man's jeans, I though, "I really should pitch these, but, you know, they are so very comfortable. They feel good; they fit."

He certainly is not alone. Patches are "the thing" nowadays.

I grew up on a farm and my dad always wore bib overalls. Mom was an expert at sewing, patching and mending. Dad's overalls were patched over and over almost "patch upon patch." Dad always hung on to the old favorites. I remember he hated "breaking in" a new pair, because the fabric then was so heavy and stiff, and there were no automatic machines to wash them a few times before wearing them.

The next time you are tempted to just pitch those old jeans ask the young guy or gal "Do we pitch these or patch them?"

It's really not that hard to patch them, and it can be done on the machine. First, turn them wrong side out and rip open one leg (that regular seam - not the triple stitched, flat felled one). This lets you spread the leg open and pin the patch in place. It will easily twist and turn as you stitch the patch in place then close the seam. Easy wasn't it?

Once you start patching you'll want to keep on extending the life of those old favorites. When you finally do toss them, save the backs of those worn out jeans to use for future patches.

School's just about out. Those worn-out, knees-out jeans will be cut off for shorts.

Pass on a smile, or a kind word of encouragement to a stranger, a neighbor or just call an old friend.

See you all next week.

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