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Decision on Kansas City man aiding in 19-year-old murder coming soon

August 6, 2009

— A decision is expected to be made on the future of a Kansas City, Mo., man who is charged with one count of aiding a felon in a murder that occurred nearly 20 years ago.

On Thursday, Eric Montgomery, 75, was in court as his defense argued that the case should be thrown out.

Montgomery's defense told Judge Gunnar Sundby that the case couldn’t stand alone because of immunity granted to Montgomery in the trial of another murder case in 1992. Montgomery's defense attorney, Debra Snider said the statute of limitations has run out as well.

Montgomery testified in July 1992 in the murder case of Everett Bishop under an order of immunity. Sherrill Gary Brinkley is currently serving time for Bishop's murder.

The current charge against Montgomery is related to the murder of Lloyd Folsom, which occurred two weeks prior to Bishop's murder.

Prosecutors argue that Montgomery aided Bishop in Folsom's murder in April 1990.

The Sundby is expected make a decision on or before August 14th, 2009.

Montgomery was arrested in his home last month on the current charge.


justice4all 8 years, 9 months ago

This case should have never been charged! By the way, where is our “fire in his belly to prosecute” county attorney? Why did he leave Mr. Bryant holding the bag on this? This is what happens when you elect someone who took three times to pass the bar exam and his biggest legal accomplishment was writing a Truancy Pamphlet. Oh I forgot, his grandparents ran a car dealership - there's a great qualification to be the county attorney. Keep a watch on thompson, he's not really the county attorney, he's just playing at it.


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