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Bird flies the coop

Yellow cockatiel missing from home at Tonganoxie mobile home park

August 9, 2006

JBird is on the loose.

And the cockatiel's owner is hoping someone will find her.

"I can't sleep at night anymore," said Chrystal Wilson, who lives in Country Hills manufactured housing park, just west of Tonganoxie Junior High School.

Each evening before going to bed, Wilson said JBird would say, "kiss kiss," and "good night."

But Thursday, this routine was interrupted.

That afternoon Wilson's young children left the front door open and JBird, who never had been outside by herself, flew away.

She headed into trees just north of the mobile home park, and disappeared from sight.

Wilson described her cockatiel as having a yellow body that's white underneath, and orange cheeks.

"It's worse than losing a needle in a haystack," said Wilson, who Friday afternoon went door-to-door downtown asking for permission to hang her "Lost Cockatiel" posters.

The bird was a gift from her in-laws two years ago, Wilson said. They had two cockatiels that didn't get along together.

"I really thought JBird was beautiful, so they gave her to me," Wilson said.

And she cared for the friendly bird, giving her some freedom in the day by leaving her cage door open. And treating her to bird treats -- millet spray and honey bites.

The family would talk to the bird, enjoying her limited vocabulary that included "hi baby," and "good morning."

Also, JBird would imitate other sounds, such as other birds she would hear or the chatter of squirrels.

With the fair starting this week, Wilson said she's wondering if her bird, who always has been drawn to bright lights or sparkly items, will make her way to the fairgrounds.

If so, she's hoping someone will rescue JBird and help her find her way home. In fact, several years ago, Wilson found a lost cockatiel at the park, and she turned it into police. This time, she's reported her own bird's flight to the police.

Wilson recalls the first time she saw JBird.

"I just fell in love with her," she said.

Her eyes glistened as she talked about the bird and added, "I'm just feeling pretty heartbroken."

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