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Tonganoxie School District reports increase in illness in recent weeks

September 30, 2009

The Tonganoxie School District is experiencing its share of illness this school year and is adding sanitizer dispensers in hopes of reducing the spread of sickness.

Superintendent Kyle Hayden said the district is tracking flu-like illness and reporting it to the Leavenworth County Health Department on a weekly basis.

Hayden said the district is seeing 15-30 student absences per week in each of its three buildings, which accounts for 2.5 to 5 percent of the student population.

“It’s not alarming yet,” Hayden said. “When it gets to 10 percent it is.”

Hayden said reports to the health department weren’t done in previous years, but because of the heightened alert to H1N1, he said the district is maintaining a database.

There have been symptoms similar to those associated with H1N1 and illness has kept some students out of school for three to five days. But strains haven’t been as serious as H1N1, he said.

Maintenance director Larry Easter said hand sanitizer dispensers are being installed at all schools. In total, he said 57 are being place throughout buildings, although 50 of those are being placed in the elementary school. Easter said statistics show a need for more dispensers in the younger grades. Cost for the hand sanitizers is about $1,250.

Student and staff flu-like symptoms have increased in the past three weeks. Hayden said typically schools don’t experience much sickness in August and September.


dagger707 8 years, 8 months ago

It sure would be nice to know where someone in my child's class becomes ill. Ever since I enrolled my son back in 2007 not one note has been sent home.

I've spoken with the school nurse who feels its waste of time to send notes home to every student when one gets sick. I've even asked the teachers that my son has when someone in the class becomes ill to e-mail or send a note and no notes home or an e-mail. First few weeks of school this year my child was around kids who were vomiting and fevers over 100. I only found out because I happened to pick my child up from school and the teacher told me. The teacher my son had last year got pink eye. Nothing was sent home and not only did my son get it so did myself and my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law works at a hospital and missed work because of this.

The Bonner Springs and Basehor School district sends notes home when flu, strep, pink eye, and head lice are going threw their schools. So what is so hard to let parents know if stuff is being spread threw the school here in Tonganoxie?


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