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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

March 8, 2011

More problems with those uniform shirt pockets. Mary’s husband has an awful problem with trying to carry too much stuff in his pockets.

There are several ways to reinforce those pockets. If you know when you buy the shirt that the pocket is going to be overloaded, before it ever begins to rip loose, reinforce it with a piece of twill tape, heavy seam tape or just a double strip of muslin. Place the mending material on the wrong side, to extend past the pocket corners and stitch right in the pocket seams. It won’t show or look mended and will extend the life of the pocket.

Now, if the pocket has a flap that buttons down, that’s even better. You can also stitch right down its seam line through the tape of whatever mending material you’ve used.

Now for a real strong repair for, let’s say, that uniform pocket: Do the same as above and then add — and here cotton twill tape is really better — two lengths of tape, one from each pocket corner straight up to the shoulder seam, and sew firmly into that shoulder seam and also at the pocket corners. First be sure to shrink the twill tape. Just wet it good and let dry — you can iron it dry if in a hurry.

God bless.

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